Vegan ShowOff is the result of my love of trying new vegan products. Every time I try a new product, I seem to share my opinion of it with everyone around me (much to their annoyance I’m sure). I also found that since I live on a tight budget, I can’t really afford to buy every vegan product I see just to try it out. I’d find myself hearing about a new product or seeing it at the store and then going online to find vegan product reviews for it so I’d have some feedback about it before spending my money. Reviews were hit and miss to find so I dreamt up this awesome website where people can go to look up community feedback about different vegan products all in one place (kind of like a vegan product reviews database!).

Vegan Product Reviews

As you guys know, everybody’s tastes are different! I might think a product tastes gross and give it one star but 10 other people may come on and give it five stars and tell me I’m crazy! Although my reviews and ratings hopefully count for something (and they will always be brutally honest), the real power of this site will lie in the hands of the vegan community, because the more people that come and rate the products and leave their opinions, the more accurate and useful this site will become as a reference for compassionate shoppers.

I’m not big on rules, but the rules as far as the products being reviewed go are that they must be labeled or marketed as being vegan. I wish we lived in a world where we didn’t have to have a label on things to say that they’re cruelty-free, but right now we unfortunately do. I really think someday the vegan label will go away and be replaced by another label such as “Warning: Contains Animal Products”! In the meantime though, I’m liking the vegan labels because I don’t have to spend forever reading ingredient lists and I can just quickly see the vegan label and know I can eat it (and that the product doesn’t contain any of those pesky unexpected animal-derived ingredients!).

So now that that’s out of the way, if you’re liking the concept of this website please take the time to subscribe, share, follow, and most importantly, rate the products that you’ve personally tried!  If you have any suggestions on anything or would like a specific product reviewed, just click the Contact button on the above menu and we’ll do our best to accommodate!