Today I scoped from the top of Pilot Knob trail on Lake George, NY.  My dad and stepmother are up from Florida and we all went together, along with my sister and brother in law!  It was a beautiful day and we continued onto the waterfall which extended the hike to about 3.4 miles round trip.  Not a long distance but it was steep!  At the top a did a quick show of some vegan hiking snacks I brought with me.  Bananas, Beanfield’s Vegan Doritos (so yummy), homemade chocolate chip cookies, and some amazing Primal vegan jerky that we passed around and sampled!  I’d highly recommend a few flavors (full review coming soon).  A vegan beer also made an appearance alongside of the snacks (I think that was the first time I’ve ever brought beer hiking with me, so it’s definitely not a normal occurrence!).

Later that night I got back on and scoped my dinner and vegan wine I was drinking.  I did a quick review of a new veggie burger I tried which was Hillary’s Hemp & Greens.  It had a very unique flavor I couldn’t put my finger on but I thought it was different in a good way and would definitely buy them again!  I also added some of my favorite Follow Your Heart Provolone and Just Mayo to the burger!

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