Coop's MicroCreamery Vegan Hot Fudge Review
Coop's Vegan Hot Fudge

Product Name: Coop’s MicroCreamery Hand Made Vegan Hot Fudge

Product Description: A coconut cream based rich hot fudge sauce that's handmade in small batches.

Brand: Coop's MicroCreamery

Dietary Notes: Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free

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This Coop’s MicroCreamery Vegan Hot Fudge is by far the best hot fudge I have ever tasted! It’s super creamy, chocolaty, and not overly sweet. The flavors are perfectly balanced and it’s just as delicious when it cools down! This Coop guy definitely knows what he’s doing!

Community Rating: 5 (4 reviews)
Coops Microcreamery Hand Made Vegan Hot Fudge Ingredients

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