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Legend Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea

Legend Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea
Legend Organic

Legend Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea


This Legend Organic Matcha tea is a super premium, bright green matcha with a sweet, nutty flavor. This ceremonial grade tea is USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and the label even sports an awesome Vegan symbol!

I’m a huge tea fan in general and look forward to my daily afternoon cup of tea. While I love all varieties of tea, I especially like to drink green tea because of the nutritional benefits of the added antioxidant content (plus it tastes great!).  I was excited to try this Legend Premium Organic Matcha Tea because the antioxidant content of matcha tea can be up to 130 times the amount found in regular green teas. This is partially because with matcha tea you ingest the whole leaf as opposed to just steeping the tea leaves. One cup of matcha also supposedly equals 10 cups of regular brewed green tea as far as antioxidants goes.  The scale used to measure antioxidant content is the ORAC scale and blueberries score a 53, gojiberries a 253, while matcha tea scores a whopping 1573 (just to give you an idea of how high of an antioxidant count matcha tea has)!


Matcha tea is also supposed to help you burn calories and suppress your appetite but I’m not sure about all that because my appetite is pretty much un-suppressible LOL!

Matcha tea should really be prepared by sifting out the clumps and mixing it with a traditional bamboo whisk in a bowl until it’s super frothy. I don’t yet own one of these inexpensive tools but I would highly recommend one if you plan on drinking matcha tea regularly. I’ve been making what I call “ghetto” matcha tea by whisking it with a small metal whisk until my arm gives out. I can make it semi-frothy this way but I really need to get the proper tool. This is a really high quality organic matcha and I definitely shouldn’t be bringing it down with my inferior equipment. I must respect the matcha!

I must say that even though my preparation method isn’t ideal, the taste of the matcha was still amazing! It has a sweet, nutty flavor and the flavor is definitely addicting. I can see why there’s such a matcha tea craze going on. The first time I made it I did put way too much powder to water ratio and it was slightly bitter. The second time I cut back on the powder (you will have to find the amount that is just perfect for you), and that’s when the taste completely changed and I fell in love.  I should also mention that one time I was too lazy to sift the clumps out and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference! There’s a reason why they say to do that, so don’t be lazy like me and skip over that step! It’s worth it, trust me.


I know it sounds weird but it definitely gives you a zen-like buzz after you drink it and definitely not at all like a jittery caffeine buzz.  This makes sense since it was originally used over a thousand years ago as a meditative aid for Japanese monks.

A lot of people brew green tea to add to their smoothies but the advantage of using matcha tea is that you don’t have to steep it and strain the leaves, you just add a teaspoon of the powder right to your blender and get a ton of antioxidants from the smallest amount! This tea is super powerful and a little definitely goes a long way!  I plan on making homemade matcha cashew ice cream with this next : )

I’m not one to normally jump on any superfood bandwagons (what a goofy saying), but after researching the health properties of matcha and trying this Legend organic matcha, I’m definitely a convert!

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