Trader Joe's Vegan Brioche Loaf Review
Trader Joe's Brioche Loaf

Product Name: Trader Joe's Vegan Brioche Loaf

Product Description: This vegan take on classic brioche bread is made with plant-based butter & an egg substitute.

Brand: Trader Joe's

Dietary Notes: Vegan, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free

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I was really impressed with the flavor of this Trader Joe’s vegan brioche loaf – it’s very rich and slightly sweet without being too heavy.  The texture is also great – it’s soft and fluffy but still has a nice crust.  Overall, I thought this was a great addition to the Trader Joe’s lineup!


  • Rich flavor
  • Soft and fluffy texture
  • Thick slices
  • Cost $3.99 for a 15 oz (425)g loaf of brioche bread. As mentioned in other reviews, Trader Joe’s continues to keep its prices fair.


  • Super processed, with a very long ingredient list.
Community Rating: 4.5 (6 reviews)

Trader Joe's Vegan Brioche Loaf Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

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