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Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch

Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch
Imagine Foods – Hain Celestial Group

Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch


This Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch Bar is reminiscent of a Nestle Crunch bar, only way better since it’s vegan! The puffed wild rice is nicely distributed and the dark chocolate is creamy, although a little on the sweet side. This bar is made in one of the few completely dairy-free and gluten-free facilities in the world, so there’s no fear of cross-contamination with this chocolate bar!

Update (2/14/20):  It appears this product has been discontinued but I’ve been eating this one instead!  This awesome Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch is like a vegan Nestle Crunch bar!  Actually, it kind of reminds me more of those crispy chocolate bunny shaped foil-covered candy bars I used to get in my Easter basket as a kid.  These are a little sweeter than I thought they would be, and not being a fan of super-sweet stuff I was surprised when I kept going back for another bite.  It doesn’t have a real strong dark chocolate taste, and it tastes more like a milk chocolate to me.  I soon found myself looking forward to eating a row of this every night as my before bedtime treat.  I love my fancy vegan chocolate bars (and other sweets of course) so I have to ration myself to one row of a chocolate bar per night, or else the whole thing will be gone before I know it!  Most of the time this works out, but sometimes I get crazy and have two rows, like I kept doing with this rice crunch bar.


The “crunch” parts (puffed wild rice) are big and well-distributed throughout the chocolate bar.  This bar is also gluten free, non-GMO, and made in one of the few facilities worldwide that guarantees to be free of dairy and gluten (no cross-contamination at this place!).


As you can see, the first ingredient is sugar, which explains the extra sweetness.  I randomly spotted this vegan Dark Chocolate Dream bar on a trip to Whole Foods (it’s an hour away) and I’m so glad I picked it up!  I would definitely purchase this bar again 100%.

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