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Koyo Tofu Miso Organic Ramen

Koyo Tofu Miso Organic Ramen

Koyo Tofu Miso Organic Ramen


Healthy and organic vegan version of packaged ramen noodles, skimpy on the tofu but high on the flavor! A great quick snack or make a meal out of it by adding veggies and some tofu cubes!

Who doesn’t love ramen?  Ramen reminds me of my old college days when I would eat it almost every night (unfortunately true).  I remember there was only one specific brand I could find that was vegan and it was Oodles of Noodles Oriental Flavor (plus their mushroom flavor was vegan but I don’t do shrooms).  Well I still get random cravings for them and they stopped carrying that kind anywhere around me (I swear I looked everywhere).  So when I saw these healthy vegan ones at my local grocery store I freaked out and of course bought them.

I just looked up the Oodles and Noodles Oriental kind and I guess they do still sell them in some places (and they are vegan), but holy scary ingredients!  I really wish I didn’t just see that!  Ok so now I can definitely say that these are healthy vegan ramen noodles!  Like it says on the front of the package, “No Additives. No Fillers. Just Real Ingredients”.  Also, the noodles are made with “organic heirloom wheat flour”, which sounds healthy at least.

These ramen noodles are actually really, really good and the flavor is awesome!  This is the “Tofu Miso” kind and the “Tofu” part of the “Tofu Miso” must be some kind of a joke!  I literally didn’t see any tofu at all until I got out my trusty magnifying glass and spotted a few tiny morsels that I assume was tofu.  They should just get real and call it “Miso” flavor and forget about the tofu.  If the flavor wasn’t so darned good I would be really annoyed by this.

I do suggest adding tofu and veggies to this ramen to make it a well-balanced and still fairly fast meal! I prepare my ramen unconventionally in that I drain it almost completely and add a little earth balance with the flavor packet.  Sometimes I’ll leave a little water in there if I’m in the mood though.

Okay, enough about my weird ramen eating ways!  Let us know below if you’ve tried it and what you think!

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