Koyo Tofu Miso Organic Ramen Review
Koyo Organic Ramen - Tofu Miso

Product Name: Koyo Tofu Miso Ramen

Product Description: Organic ramen noodles than are baked and not fried. Low fat with no MSG or preservatives.

Brand: Koyo

Dietary Notes: Nut Free, Non-GMO, Organic Noodles, No MSG

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Healthy and organic vegan version of packaged ramen noodles, skimpy on the tofu but high on the flavor! A great quick snack or make a meal out of it by adding veggies and some tofu cubes!

Community Rating: 3 (1 review)
Koyo Tofu Miso Ramen Ingredients

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  1. Corrie R. July 15, 2022