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Let’s Do Sprinkles Chocolatey

Let’s Do Sprinkles Chocolatey
Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc.

Let's Do Sprinkles Chocolatey


These Let’s Do Sprinkelz vegan chocolate sprinkles are gluten free, all natural, contain mostly organic ingredients, and taste fresh, crunchy, and chocolately. An essential topping for your favorite vegan ice cream!

What’s awesomely delicious vegan ice cream without sprinkles on top?  Sprinkles are an absolute necessity for me (especially the chocolate kind)!  My boyfriend found these vegan sprinkles for me on Amazon a while back and he’s been reordering them for me ever since.  They come in packs of 12 little boxes and the fact that I’m on my 4th order probably means that I eat way too much ice cream! But I’m okay with that so you should be too.


For starters, yes I know that most chocolate sprinkles are usually vegan, but have you read the ingredients on those things? Yuck!  Almost all of the major brands contain partially hydrogenated oils and a bunch of other scary stuff.  Not to mention they taste like wax and leave a weird film in your mouth.

I put these vegan Let’s Do chocolate sprinkles on a pedestal due to their many virtues:  they are gluten-free, all natural, and most importantly, delicious!  The top 3 ingredients are organic, and the outside packaging is 100% recycled paperboard, although the inside pouch is some sort or plastic or cellophane.  There used to be two separate little plastic pouches in one box, but now they changed it to just one big package in each box (which is great by me since it means less packaging).


I would describe these as very chocolatey, crunchier style chocolate sprinkles (or jimmies as they call them in New Jersey, I think?).  They are small, short little guys that are more crunchy than waxy, with excellent flavor!  I can’t wait to try their rainbow sprinkles version actually!

The only complaint I have (which isn’t even a complaint really) is that it says there are 7 servings per container! Bahahaha yeah right, more like 2 or 3 actually (but then again I am kind of a condiment ho so I probably use more than your average person!)

Has anyone else tried these awesome vegan sprinkles?  If so, let us know below!

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