Vegan Babybel Cheese Review
Babybel Vegan Cheese Review

Product Name: Babybel Plant-Based Cheese Alternative

Product Description: Babybel Plant-Based Cheese Alternative is a delicious, dairy-free snack! This vegan snack is a good source of calcium and vitamin B-12. It's Certified Plant-Based, with a delightful flavor that mimics dairy cheese--without any of the downsides!

Brand: Bel Brands USA

Dietary Notes: Vegan, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO, Certified Plant-Based, Soy-Free

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Babybel Plant-Based Cheese Alternative consists of 6 individually wrapped cheese bites with a creamy mozzarella-style texture.  The smooth & creamy texture is created using coconut oil, and each Babybel offers a good source of calcium and Vitamin B12.  The bag itself is made of 80% paper, and the wrappers inside are certified home-compostable!


  • Individually wrapped
  • Compostable wrapper
  • Convenient, healthy snack
  • Smooth & creamy texture
  • No palm oil


  • Hard to find (but hopefully that will change!)
Community Rating: 3.86 (7 reviews)

Babybel Plant-Based Cheese Ingredients

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