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Rice Crust Spinach Pizza

Rice Crust Spinach Pizza
Amy’s Kitchen

Rice Crust Spinach Pizza


This Amy’s Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Spinach Pizza is a favorite quick meal of mine when I’m craving a healthier version of pizza. I love the delicate rice crust and ample amounts of spinach and vegan cheeze! This pizza is light and non-greasy and definitely a guilt-free version of a traditional pizza. Find this pizza at most grocery chains in the US!

Well I must say that this Amy’s vegan spinach pizza is my personal favorite frozen pizza that I’ve tried so far.  I actually buy it on a regular basis and I’m not gluten-free, I just love the crust!  The crust is made from rice flour, which has a delicate texture that works really well with this pizza.  This pizza is light, non-greasy, and leaves me feeling like I ate something healthy instead of indulged in half a pizza! Yes, I do eat half of this frozen pizza in one sitting (dipped in vegan ranch dressing, of course!).  It says there are 3 servings in the box so I’m not that far off!  Although I do admit I’m a little overly full when I eat 1/2 the pizza at once.  Traditional pizza I could never eat more than a slice or two max, since it was always so greasy and heavy!  Believe it or not, I was never a huge pizza fan before I became vegan, but now I’m totally into it!


I personally have trouble getting all of the cheese to melt completely without burning the crust!  I’m working on perfecting that since it says on the box that you can turn it on broil at the end to just melt the cheese more.  I always forget this step until it’s too late though!  Nevertheless, the pizza always turns out tasting super yummy!

I don’t know if the secret ingredient is the sunflower seed meal or the two types of soy cheese (mozzarella and ricotta), but this pizza is unique and amazingly addictive!  It’s also NON-GMO and made with organic rice flour, tomatoes, and spinach, which is a huge plus of course!


This Amy’s Spinach Pizza is pre-cooked so it only takes 12 minutes in the oven and it’s ready to eat! Faster than delivery and way healthier too!  I personally like to garnish mine with a few twists of fresh cracked black pepper and some of my homemade cheezy sprinkle!

Have any of you guys tried this kind of Amy’s vegan pizza yet?  If so, leave your thoughts below!  I’ve heard you either really love this pizza or you really don’t (I’m obviously in the “really love” camp).

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Amy’s Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Spinach Pizza
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Hi. I have been eating Amy’s gluten free spinach pizza for quite a while, the best, the topping & crust, so nice & soft. I just called Omni Health food store Avenue U in Brooklyn, New York & they are have been unable to get it from their distributors. Could you please check on this matter. A grateful customer who loves your other products, too. Julia

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